domenica 8 febbraio 2015

A Birthday Banquet in Mezzojuso (a little village close to Palermo)

"Could I come with you on Sunday? I can help you". She surprised of that unexpected question but that it gave her an instant of happiness and so she answered in instinctive way and with some embarrassment "Yes, of course, you can." But she changed her mind immediately after, not because she did not want him with her or it was not a pleasure for her have his company, rather just the opposite, but she was afraid of herself.
She knew how she metamorphoses herself while is working in the kitchen, if something had not gone for the correct way she would have been able to have aggressive reactions which would be interpreted badly. They had been frequenting for two days, perhaps three, he didn't know her and she is not be liked to show him hers "dark side of the moon" he would be to do a wrong or led astray idea. But she didn't want to give up spending some time with that man was "fallen" in her life almost accidentally.

But things do not happen never by chance, even if they can happen suddenly. And it was just in this way that it happened, all of a sudden. When it happened she felt the same sensation you have when you get a glimpse of a falling star in the sky. Even you will ever see them. The abrupt movement of that giant burning stone, draws in the sky a bright sign that leaves in bliss and dismay. You do not expect ever to see a falling star it happens and it happens suddenly. And when it happens, you feel inside a strange sense, not unpleasant, rather on the contrary, only that you cannot identify it because it is a mixture of wonder, awe and happiness. Who knows why, moreover.
However, she felt the same feeling. And so, she decided not to tell him to have thought that she had too hastily answered and that, maybe, it would be better he do not to go with her, she decided to live the moment and the emotions. She found, yet, however a sort of escamotage to avoid to make him feel to be in the way and so she does not get embarrassed in case the situation was on the nervous cliff edge. "You know, I have thought that you would be of great help for me if you could take pictures of the dishes. I never have time to do it while I work, so if you made it you could do a great favor to me."
They left on Sundays morning toward a small center near Palermo. The brief drive, in that gloomy and cold day, it was heated from their laughs. Reached destination, after the presentations and a few minutes of embarrassment, they started to work.
She illustrated him the menù: two appetizers, Profiteroles with Genoese zucchini’s cream of Genoese and fondue of cheeses with almonds, Cream of avocado and ginger with crudités and red prowns in “pasta kataifi”; a first course, Jerusalem artichoke Risotto; two seconds courses: quiche with spinach and ricotta of sheep milk with mascarpone’s sauce aromatized with cinnamon and sweet paprika, Fillets of sea bass with artichokes in pastry served with baked potatoes seasoned with turmeric.
She also showed him the working plan and gave him a task immediately, to make the avocado’s cream. He performed it in exemplary manner and without asking questions, if not the right ones on what to put in and how much. In the meanwhile, she devoted himself to fondue.
The day slipped smooth as the olive oil on a fine porcelain plate. They moved in symbiosis in those few square feet, as if they had always been used to being next to one another, without tension, without clashes, even having a good time together. She was almost incredulous that she had not become angry even a second, he gave her serenity and suddenly she turned around, looked at him and told him: "We are pretty much perfect… talking about work, you do not drum strange things into your head." She got close to him and kissed him on the lips for a long time.