martedì 26 agosto 2014

I have made the Guacamole in the South of United States...because I like the difficult challenges!

To prepare the Guacamole, recipe hailing from Mexico but very diffused and appreciated in the whole South of USA, to Jacksonville Beach (Florida) for my American friends, it has been an hazard, an irresponsible choice made on the emotional wave of the desire to cook something that reentered in their alimentary habits, however without to consider that the parterre "judging" it had good knowledge of the dish. But here as it has gone...narrated in third person (better maintaining the anonymity and to take the distances, one never knows...hihhihhi).

That morning she woke up soon, well soon relatively to the time to which they had gone to bed. That morning was not an wichever morning, it was the 4th of July, the Indipendence Day, the day of the Stars and Strips pride. The day in which, on the contrary than can be believed, the national identity becomes the pretext to turn everything into a great anarchic circus, where there are not rules and commandments with the exception of the respect for the others.