martedì 26 agosto 2014

I have made the Guacamole in the South of United States...because I like the difficult challenges!

To prepare the Guacamole, recipe hailing from Mexico but very diffused and appreciated in the whole South of USA, to Jacksonville Beach (Florida) for my American friends, it has been an hazard, an irresponsible choice made on the emotional wave of the desire to cook something that reentered in their alimentary habits, however without to consider that the parterre "judging" it had good knowledge of the dish. But here as it has gone...narrated in third person (better maintaining the anonymity and to take the distances, one never knows...hihhihhi).

That morning she woke up soon, well soon relatively to the time to which they had gone to bed. That morning was not an wichever morning, it was the 4th of July, the Indipendence Day, the day of the Stars and Strips pride. The day in which, on the contrary than can be believed, the national identity becomes the pretext to turn everything into a great anarchic circus, where there are not rules and commandments with the exception of the respect for the others.

The Matt’s house in Jax Beach was silent, her friends slept everybody. Also in the road there was not anybody and that piece of city, that it extends along the sea, appeared completely different in compared to the night before when it was invaded by people busy only to have a good time. She washed herself and put on her bikini decided to go to beach and to enjoy a bit of that loneliness.
Instead she was in bicycle with Josh on the road that run to the supermarket. He had caught her, got up really while she crossed the door of house toward the beach. "I want to prepare the breakfast. I must go to buy eggs and bacon. Do you want to come with me?". "Sure that I want to come!" - she answered.
Enter into the alimentary’s stores was for her as for a child to enter in a funfair: thousands of different products all to be discovered and orderly with maniacal precision for commodities sector, typology and brand. Every time she discovered something new that it made her come the desire to experiment new dishes and the curiosity to know the kitchen of the place.
Those visits also allowed her to make a sort of sociological study of that people of that South opposite to her. She observed the purchase’s behaviors, the way to interact between the persons and she convinced always more that the theory of Feuerbach "We are what we eat" was one of the most acute philosophical observations of the last two centuries. Women and men orderly like the products on the shelves, smiling and with the relaxed and winning behaviors just as in the most classical of the food and drink’s advertisements. Quick and practical, as the dishes that generally they prepare and of which do not particularly take care of the presentation and the way to eat them, attitude this that they reproduce in their outfit and in the gestures not really polished.
The excursion in the supermarket resulted amusing as well as formative for her. They chose together the best bacon and the eggs of free-range chicken, after having read and commented the labels. She said that she wanted to contribute to the party "red, blue and white" and so - going against her principles culinary but convinced that sometimes must also be derogated to those - she purchased some little sponge cake, the cream and fresh blueberries to make honor to the colors of the flag of the country that was hosting her.

The selection most difficult resulted what kind of beers: dozens of tipes, natural or spicy, coming from all over the world: the heaven of the barley and the hop. But Josh went her to help and knew how to address her to the best choice.
They came back at home with their bags, satisfied as the babies to the return from the recreation ground each with their own souvenir, and they got ready to prepare the one’s own "specialty". 
In the meantime the house on the beach had started to become animated and the kitchen became the meeting’s point for all of its inhabitants. Other friends arrived, among which Sherri, her best friend, also her loaded of grocery shopping: shrimps, coconut milk, salad, bread and avocados. "These are for you", she told her, "I have bought them to the farmer market this morning." Sherri knew her well and she also knew that  kind of gift made her happy. And given that her happiness consist in the pleasure to give pleasure, she transformed, reconsidering slightly the original recipe, those greens buttery fruits in a fresh guacamole to be shared with everybody.

Ingredients (for 6-8 persons): 2 ripe avocados; 2 limes or 1 lemon; 1 clove of garlic (optional); 2 scallions or ½ white onion; red hot pepper, salt, black pepper q.b; 1 tablespoon of extra vergin olive oil; 1 red tomato and 1 teaspoon of ground cilantro or parsley.

Procedure: Halve the avocados in the sense of the length. Extract their big pits and peel them. Put the pulp in a bowl and spill it with the juice of limes or lemon so that do not oxidize its.
Smash with a fork up to reduce it in purée and seasoned with salt, pepper and red hot pepper. Add, if you want it, the clove of garlic pressed down.
Stir well all ingredients.
Clean the scallions and, after having rinsed them and dried, cut them to slivers. Wash also the tomato and reduce it in dice.
You transfer the guacamole in a small cup or in a small terrine and decorate it with the vegetables, cilantro or parsley and the olive oil.

Suggestions: The versatility of this sauce gives you the opportunity to serve it as appetizer with the classical tortillas chips, with croutons of bread or with what more you prefer. You can use it to accompany flat of rice, meat or fish.
I season the spaghetti with guacamole and I guarantee you that they are a true delight. Proof in pudding.

Good things of the South to everybody.