lunedì 5 maggio 2014

Fillets of sea bream with pistachio of Bronte

She waited him for the supper that evening. She liked to be with him. Intelligent, pleasant, of good manners, ironic he debated in the correct way even the most banal theme. She also found him very nice and with a beautiful sporting physique. The evening was prospected interesting and she was certain that they would be had a good time together. She prepared everything with care and she took care of every smallest detail. Especially in the choice of the menù, convinced as she was of the symbolic importance of the food. She elaborated it doing so that the table it was the prelude of the thalamus and she created for them a simple recipe but refined that it predisposed their bodies and souls to the sharing of the pleasure: Fillets of sea bream with pistachio of Bronte.

Ingredients: (for 2 persons): 2 sea bream about 300 gr. each one; 100 grs. of ground pistachio of Bronte[1]; 3 tablespoons of extra virgin oil of olive; thyme or parsley (optional); juice of 1 fresh lemon; juice of 1 fresh orange; wax paper.

Procedure: Fillet the sea bream obtaining 4 fillets for each fish (if you are not able of that, you let the fishmonger make the operation). Beat gently them with a steak hammer, having care to put them between two sheets of wax paper or plastic wrap.
You allow to marinate the fillets for about half an hour in the filtered orange juice. Drain them from the marinading and dry them with care using a rolling paper.
Pour them with a few filtered lemon juice (I put little of it because I don't love the to prevail some sour taste). Brush them with some oil of olive, salt and pepper them. Sprinkle them with the ground pistachio. You finish seasoning with the grated peel of the lemon and, if you like it, some thyme or of parsley thinly minced.
Now, you roll up them, watching out for starting from the widest part and set them in a baking-pan with the low edges or a dripping pan covered with a sheet of wax paper.

Preheat oven to 200° C. Bake, for about 10-15 minutes, lowering the temperature to 180° C after 5 minutes of cooking. You will realize that they are cooked because the rose meat becomes white.

Put 4 fillets for every dish garnishing with some chicory cut to julienne and a few of red hot chilli pepper jam.

Suggetions: I served this dish with Ansonica wine that, with its golden colour and its scent, is worthy to be present on the tables of most polished banquetes.

[1] It is a variety very appreciated that it systematically produces since the time of the Arabs in the small village of the Etna Mountain. Today it furnishes the 80% of the island production of the small green fruit. The pistachio of Bronte has a taste and an aroma universally recognized as unique and particular and it represents the principal economic resource of that mountain village, so much that there the pistachio is called "the green gold."
Naturally, you can use whichever pistachio’s variety.