martedì 29 aprile 2014

"Anelletti al forno" a special oven-baked pasta timbale

When in Palermo it is said oven-baked pasta it is not able whether to think about the anelletti, a pasta shape like little rings that they remembers the earrings of the African women.
It is a cult of the palermitan kitchen and it doesn't have "season", it can be all right to Christmas, for Easter, for the country outing of on April 25 or on May 1, but also in Feast of the assumption under the parasol in front of the sea. It is a transversal dish that satisfies the palates of whom is rich and of whom is not it, of the intellectual and of the easy-minded, of men, women, old men and picciriddi (children, in Sicilian language).
The history "rù pasticciu ri sustanza" (timbale of substance) it goes once more connected to the Arabs, leaders and master in the pies. In the past it was realized recycling what it remained in the pantry, habit that somehow remains also today, considering that often we cafuddiamo (throw in) inside there what we have in the kitchen. A lot of people, for example, add to the hard-boiled eggs firm and charcuterie and cheeses of different type. Only a thing cannot miss "’u ragù c’a carni capuliata" (the ragoût with the minced meat), possibly enriched with the peas.
Another characteristic of the Sicilian oven-baked pasta is the quantity: it never does it for few people and, also if it remains, pan-fried in the evening or the day after it has "its because".
As for all the other recipes of the Sicilian cuisine also of this doesn't exist an unique version but so many of it how many the families are in Sicily.

I prefer it in "simple version" (just kidding).

Ingredients: (for 12/14 people) 1 kg. of anelletti[1]
For the ragout: 1 kg. of capuliatu (ground beef); 2 big onions(preferably white); 2 cloves of garlic; 2 carrots; a stem of celery; 250 grs. of green peas; 700 grs. of tomato puree; ½ glass of red wine; salt, pepper, one - two leaves of laurel; a pinch of cinnamon; 2 cloves; 4 tablespoon of extravergine of olive oil.
For the bechamel: ½ liter of milk; 2 tablespoons of flour; 50 grs. of butter; salt, pepper and nutmeg; 3 full tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese.
Moreover: 1 l. of tomato sauce[2]; 2 eggplants; 500 grs. of ham steak in slices; 400 grs. of mozzarella; 100 grs. of tuma (fresh sheep caciotta[3]); 250 grs. of Parmesan cheese grated (in the traditional recipe would go the caciocavallo); 2 eggs.
Peel and ground the onions, the carrots and the celery. To put the minced of vegetables, the crushed whole garlic and the laurel in a casserole with the oil extravergine of olive. Cover and sauté on low heat. When the onion becomes transparent, you add the ground beef (it can be also of mixed meat: beef and pork) and the spices in small quantity, brown it well and therefore simmer with the red wine until reduced. To this point, add the green peas and the tomato puree and 2 glasses of water and cook about 15 minutes on naked flame, salt and continue to cook for about an hour and half on low flame. You must be gotten a thick sauce.
While the ragout cooks, you prepare the béchamel putting in a pot all the suitable ingredients (except the butter and the parmesan cheese that must be added to end cooking) and to beat with the hand-blender. Cook, stirring endlessly, until the souce will be thick . Continues to cook, after it boil, for about 5 minutes. Get off from the heat and add the butter and the parmesan cheese blending well.
Peel the eggplants, cut them in slices of around ½ cm and put them in a colander with some salt so that loses their bitterness. Then fry them in deep seed-oil.
Once that all "elements", that will compose the timbale, are ready, cook the pasta for about 3-4 minutes and to drain it.
Mix quickly pasta with the sauce of tomato, the butter, some béchamel and the grated parmesan cheese. To put a ladle of sauce on the bottom of a great rectangular baking-pan and put on half of the dressed pasta. Make a bed with the slices of ham, add the ragout. To continue with the béchamel, a bed of mozzarella and tuma (or the cheese that you have chosen) reduced to thin slices and with one of eggplants, thin to exhaustion of the ingredients. Finish with the remained pasta.
To define with some tomato sauce mixing with the beaten eggs and another few of grated cheese. To bake to 180° for around half an hour, a crisp crust must be made.

It is hard-working to be realized but, it is known, in the kitchen it take patience and passion shakerate in the correct mix.
Courage then, undertake you: you will receive enormous satisfactions of it.

[1] I know it, in USA it is difficult to find them. Anyway, you can also use another shaped of pasta as pennette, rigatoni or similar.
[2] See the recipe on Conserves Section of book
[3] You can substitute it for another type of cheese or for mozzarella.