martedì 1 aprile 2014

Fresh noodles with cuttlefish’s ink

"Do you not have a boyfriend?"
"No", she answered.
"How is possible?", said him
"The men have terribly bored me."

Then he bent, he gave a kiss on her lips and he said: "Can I be your Valentine?
She looked at him with surprised air and she answered: "No, you cannot be him. You are too much young."

But, in that same moment she felt a worrisome scrunch in the wall inside which she had barricaded her emotions, months and months of job of construction that it was crushed in few second. She didn't want it, squashed on the crack a mortar anti-passion, and she went.
The mortar however it didn't have a good taking, fortunately for her.

In the ten days departed intensely together, that little boy come from far made her discover that what she wanted from the Love, her Idea of Love, was not illusion or romantic dream but it existed in the reality. Surely he was not the man of her life, the variables ages and distance didn't play in favor of them, but what happened reopened her a breach from which to see again the life colored to strong shades.
The awareness that the present has already passed made enjoy her every instant of that history. They almost never separated themselves and, knowing that soon this would have happened instead, she tried to satisfy him in everything. And an evening also taught him to make the pasta with the cuttlefish’s ink.

Ingredients (for 4 people): 400 g. of fresh noodles; 1 cuttlefish of around 800 g. with the knapsack of the ink (you ask to the fishmonger to give it for you apart, you will avoid an boring job); 1 big onion; 2 cloves of garlic; 1 teaspoon of tomato paste; 4 spoons of oil extravergine of olive; ½ glass of dry white wine; fresh parsley; salt and pepper (or, if you prefer, hot chilli pepper).

Procedure: You wear some disposable gloves and clean the cuttlefish, eliminating eyes and "beak." Cut it in small pieces, after having rinsed it quickly under the running water, and put it aside.
You peel the onion and grind it. Peel also the garlic and put it whole, together with the onion, in a casserole with the oil. You fry lightly, on very moderate flame, and covered, until when the onion won't have tender and trasparent. To this point, you uncover and increase the flame.
After a few minutes, you eliminate the garlic, you throw in the casserole the prepared cuttlefish and cook stirring. After a few minutes, vanished with the white wine.
Therefore, add the tomato paste melted in a glass of warm water, salted, pepped, you add half of the minced parsley and make to cook over a low flame for around 15 - 20 minutes, covered.
Passed this time, you add the pouch of ink, having care to break it with a spoon and to make to dissolve it completely.
You boil the noodles al dente in abundant salty water. Therefore drain and add the tagliatelle to the sauce. Sauté them some second "in the black " and serve dusting with the remainder chopped parsley.

Good taste of sea to everybody!!!